Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 28, 2023

We believe you should always know what data we collect and how we use it, and that you should have meaningful control over both. We want to empower you to make the best decisions about the information that you share with us. it is our commitment to be transparent about the data we use while giving you choice and control over it. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy notice or our practices regarding your personal information, please contact us at


What personal information does FanClips collect?

FanClips askes for the most basic of information for the sole purpose of identifying you as a user. This personal information is collected voluntarily when a user registers to use our services. The personal information we collect depends on the context of a users interactions with the platform (eg. athlete, coach, or fan) and the features they choose to use. 

Personal information may include the following:

  • Identifiable User Information – This includes names, email addresses, and passwords.
  • Athlete Information – Athletes may wish to update their profile with additional information, such as gender, height, weight, and weight. Additionally they may elect to upload a profile picture.
  • Social Media Login Data – FanClips provides new users with the option to register using their existing social media account from platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Apple.  When this option is used we receive profile information from the social media provider. The profile information will vary depending on the social media provider. This information is used solely for identification purposes to provide the correct level of access to the FanClips platform.
  • Geolocation – We may request permission to use location-based information from your mobile device for the purposes of identifying your location at an event.  FanClips does not continuously track your location-based information.
  • Mobile Device Access – If a user elects to record sports events FanClips will request access to specific features from your mobile device, including camera, microphone, and storage.
  • Cookies – A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or mobile device. Like many websites, we use cookies to collect additional website usage data and to operate our services. Cookies are not required for many parts of our services such as searching and looking at public profiles. Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, many browsers’ settings can be set to decline cookies or alert you when a website is attempting to place a cookie on your computer. However, some of our services may not function properly if you disable cookies. When your browser or device allows it, we use both session cookies and persistent cookies to better understand how you interact with our services, to monitor aggregate usage patterns, and to personalize and otherwise operate our services such as by providing account security, personalizing the content we show you including ads, and remembering your language preferences. We do not support the Do Not Track browser option.

How does FanClips use your Information?

User information is used primarily for account creation, securing legitimate logins, and providing content and services relevant to the user. Additionally, we use the information for the following reasons:

  • Managing/trouble-shooting user accounts
  • Facilitate delivery of service to the user
  • Respond to support issues

Does FanClips share or sell your personal information?

The short answer is no. FanClips does not share or sell your personal or usage information to anyone, however there are a few exceptions:

  • Partner Services & API’s – FanClips will forward information with partners such as social media companies and map platforms in order to enhance the user experience. (e.g., Google Maps, Facebook Login, etc.)
  • Legal Obligation – FanClips may disclose personal usage information when we are legally required to do so in order to comply with applicable law, governmental requests, subpoena, or court order.
  •  Merger/Acquisition – FanClips may share or transfer your information in connection with or during negotiations of any merger sale of company assets financing or acquisition of all or a portion of our business to another company.

Log Data

We receive information when users view content on or otherwise interact with our services, which we refer to as “Log Data,” even if you have not created an account. For example, when you visit our websites, sign into our services, interact with our email notifications, or use your account to authenticate to a third-party service. This Log Data includes information such as IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, pages visited, location, your mobile carrier, device information (including device and application IDs), search terms (including those not submitted as queries), and cookie information. We also receive Log Data when you click on, view, or interact with links on our services. We use Log Data to operate our services and ensure their secure, reliable, and robust performance. For example, we use Log Data to protect the security of accounts and to determine what content is popular on our services. We also use this data to improve the content we show you.

Your Privacy Rights / Managing Your Information
When you’re signed in, you can always review and update information by selecting the services you wish to use by accessing the “Settings” in your user profile. If you are unhappy with our services or any of our policies, you can terminate your account at any time by emailing

Deleting Your Data

You have the option to delete your account at any time. When you delete your account, any content you have posted, such as videos and status updates, will also be deleted. Additionally, your account will be removed as a “fan” of all athletes on FanClips and will no longer receive updates of new content of those athletes.  If you do not wish to delete your account permanently but want to take a break from using FanClips, you may deactivate your account instead. Please note that information that others have shared about you is not considered part of your account and will not be deleted when you delete your account.

A FanClips user may request to have their account deactivated or permanently deleted by emailing We undertake to perform the deletion within one month (30 calendar days) and will send you a confirmation once the information has been deleted. Wherever possible, we will aim to complete the request in advance of the deadline. For more information, please see our Data Deletion Policy.


Content Privacy

How does FanClips determine if content should be removed for a privacy violation?

For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable by image, voice, full name, government identification number, bank account number, contact information (e.g. home address, email address), or other uniquely identifiable information. We also take public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation. FanClips reserves the right to make the final determination of whether a violation of its privacy guidelines has occurred.

What does uniquely identifiable mean?

To be considered uniquely identifiable, there must be enough information in the video that allows others to recognize you. Please note that just because you can identify yourself within the video, it does not mean you are uniquely identifiable to others. A first name without additional context or a fleeting image, for example, would not likely qualify as uniquely identifiable.

How FanClips’ privacy process works

If a privacy complaint is filed, FanClips may provide the uploader an opportunity to remove or edit the private information within their video. We issue notification of the potential violation and provide the uploader 48 hours to take action on the complaint. If the uploader removes the video during these 48 hours, the complaint filed will be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the site after 48 hours, the FanClips Team will then review the complaint.

Reporting a privacy violation

To file a privacy complaint, start the Privacy Complaint Process. As the complainant, your privacy is respected in this process. At no point will your identity or contact information be released to the uploader without your consent. Our communications to you about this process will be sent to the email address you provide to us. Add to your spam filter to ensure you receive these messages.

First-party claims are required.

We do not accept claims made on behalf of third parties except in the following situations:

  • the individual whose privacy is being violated does not have access to a computer
  • the individual whose privacy is being violated is a vulnerable individual
  • the claim is being made by the parent or legal guardian of the individual whose privacy is being violated
  • the claim is being made by a legal representative for the individual whose privacy is being violated

We will not accept privacy complaints filed on behalf of:

  • other family members (e.g., husband, wife, cousin, brother, sister)
  • co-workers or employees (individuals must submit a report themselves)
  • a company

Tips on filing a complete privacy complaint

  • Please be clear and concise so that the FanClips Team can identify you within the video.
  • Use time stamps to indicate only one or two places where you clearly appear in the video.
  • In the description area, please specify what you are wearing or doing that differentiates you from others within the video.
  • Make sure you’ve included the video URL in your report. You are not required to submit a URL if you are reporting an entire channel.
  • If you are reporting a comment made in the comments section of a video, please note this in the description area. Include the commenter’s username in the username field.

Receiving notice of a privacy violation

FanClips may provide you, the uploader, an opportunity to remove or edit the private information within your video. In this case, we would email you about the potential violation and allow you 48 hours to take action on the complaint. If you remove the alleged violation from the site within the 48 hours, the complaint filed will then be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the site after 48 hours, the complaint will be reviewed by the FanClips Team.
If we remove your video for a privacy violation, please do not upload another version featuring the same people. These individuals will likely file another privacy complaint or report you for harassment. We are serious about protecting our users and suspend accounts that violate people’s privacy.

How can I address the complaint?

  • You can remove the reported content completely from the site.