Awesome Features

Designed with youth sports in mind with an emphasis on privacy and positive athlete  feedback. Fans interact with their favorite young athletes and athletes interact with their fans and fellow athletes.

Innovative Design
Designed with youth sports in mind and focus on positive feedback. Safeguards to prevent publishing offensive content.
Track Progress
Track video  'Views', 'Likes', and 'Shares' at the athlete, team, division, and league levels.
Fun way for young athletes to engage and remain connected with their fans, including mom and dad.
Unique Sharing Model
Videos from fans automatically shared with the appropriate team for all to view and edit.
Synched Data
Data directly from your league management software is used to quickly on-board your league without the need to re-enter data.
Relevant Content
Fans only receive the highlights from the players they are following. No more sifting through seemingly endless videos of irrelevant content.

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Blog Posts

Youth Sports Tech: Overcome Challenges for Success

March 30, 2023

Youth Sports Tech: Overcome Challenges for Success

Youth sports organizations play a crucial role in fostering physical activity, teamwork, and community among our children. While these organizations are primarily driven by dedicated parent volunteers juggling full-time jobs, introducing new software platforms can be a game-changer in streamlining processes and enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved. However, the implementation of such platforms can be challenging.

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Retaining Players: Awesome Power of Highlight Clips in Youth Sports

March 3, 2023

Retaining Players: Awesome Power of Highlight Clips in Youth Sports

Youth sports are a great way for young athletes to develop their skills, build friendships, and stay active. However, one of the biggest challenges that youth sports leagues face is player retention. When players become disengaged or lose interest in a sport, they may be less likely to continue playing in the league. One strategy that youth sports leagues can use to combat this problem is the use of highlight clips.

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The Power of Video: Enhancing High School Sports Programs

February 21, 2023

The Power of Video: Enhancing High School Sports Programs

High school sports programs have been an integral part of the American educational system for decades. For students, participating in sports can lead to numerous benefits, such as improved physical fitness, enhanced teamwork skills, and increased self-confidence. At the same time, high school sports programs also have the potential to build strong community bonds, create school spirit, and instill a sense of pride in the school’s student body.

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